Friday, February 1, 2013

Ricardo Tanturi y Enrique Campos - Discography

One of the most important tools for a tango DJ is a well organized library of tangos. The dancers have no idea how much time we spend organizing, tagging songs with recording dates and trying to find the best quality versions of the songs available. Right now I'm working on these playlists of an orchestras or a singers dischography in chronological order, to find out which songs I'm still missing, and also to get a more clear perspective to the timeframes in which each song was recorded. Having a clear list of the recordings in order, will allow us to evaluate the progression of the orchestra and their selection of songs more thoroughly.

Here is a Spotify playlist of Ricardo Tanturi with Enrique Campos. The list is in chronological order based on the list of recordings of Tanturi/Campos from the website. The recordings were made in 1942-1946. Unfortunately the following songs were missing from Spotify:

I also know that some recordings from Enrique Campos with Ricardo Tanturi are missing from the list of like the milonga "Quién canta mejor que yo" (YouTube)