Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Orquesta Típica Misteriosa Buenos Aires - "De Salón" 2010

I want to use the TVM-blog to share quality tango in all it's variety to tango fans worldwide, including music from today. One of my favorite current tango orchestras is definitely Orquesta Típica Misteriosa Buenos Aires. I have seen them twice in Buenos Aires and both times I loved their set. They are one of the few orchestras playing more in the style of Di Sarli and their music is very suitable for dancing.

I have to admit though that unfortunately the Misteriosa Buenos Aires album "De Salón" from 2010 doesn't quite capture their energy perfectly. Maybe it's just the fact that live music sounds better and being used to the sound of the 1920s-1950s recordings, there's something in the very high quality recording quality that is a bit of a turnoff to me personally. Anyway the album has great selection of classics and great arrangements and the orchestra shines especially in the instrumental songs. Get the album and try to catch them live in for example their own Milonga de la Misteriosa!

The album is available on Spotify - iTunes

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