Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Edgardo Donato - Serie 78 RPM - Orquestas de Antaño

Here is some of the best of Edgardo Donato in excellent quality from the Serie 78 RPM collection available on Spotify. Enjoy!


  1. Antti, I'm a big fan of your music collections, but unfortunately the posted tracks are not playable in US due to Spotify restrictions. Is there are any way that you can them available via different media source, e.g. soundcloud, etc.

    1. Hey Valentin. Thanks for your comment. I'm currently making these lists in Germany or Finland and unfortunately I have no way of knowing what restrictions Spotify has in the States. Were the other playlists working for you?

      Soundcloud is not possible. I was going to say check Grooveshark, but looks like it's out of business due to being sued for copyright violations.