Thursday, May 22, 2014

Encyclopedia of Tango and the 1950's Instrumental Tango - DJ Antti Suniala

The recently released "Encyclopedia of Tango" by Gabriel Valiente is a huge book. Not only in size but in importance to many tango DJ's and collectors. The 800 page book compiles discographies of 148 orchestras with the essential information about singers and recording dates but also, which I find very interesting, who were the members of the orchestra for each time period and which companies the orchestra recorded for. The discographies have been compiled from various sources - rare unreleased or limited release discographies, different collections and publications as well as numerous online resources. to say it is a very practical tool for every DJ and here is an example of how I put it to use. I looked for orchestras who recorded in the 1950's and had recorded instrumental tangos. The 1950's was ruled by D'Arienzo, Di Sarli, Troilo and Pugliese (in amount and quality of recordings), but I found many orchestras I had never heard of and I was fortunately able to find at least one song from most of them on Spotify. This playlist shows a few things. First, the great amount of orchestras (with great musicians) recording in the 50's. Second, how far sometimes many of the orchestras were from capturing the essence of tango for dancing (not claiming that all of them tried to) especially when comparing to best of D'Arienzo, Di Sarli and songs like Biagi's "El recodo". there are many highlights to this compilation and a lot of songs great to dance to or just listen to and appreciate the musicianship. To name a few of my favorites to listen to of these songs - Lorenzo Barbero, Raúl Kaplun, Juan Polito, Mario Demarco and Di Sarli's less known second version of "Bahia blanca".

As I said, not all the orchestras were available on Spotify. One of them was Orquesta Tipica Dante Puricelli of which you can listen to "El pollo Ricardo" on YouTube.

All comments on and the sharing of this playlist are appreciated.

DJ Antti Suniala - 1950's Intrumental Tango 
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1. Alfredo Attadía - "El negro Pintos" 1952-08-14
2. Armando Baliotti - "La guitarrita" 1952-07-10
3. Lorenzo Barbero - "Ataniche" 1951-10-15
4. José Basso - "Entrada prohibida" 1950-01-20
5. Rodolfo Biagi - "El recodo" 1952-11-05
6. Jorge Caldara - "Cascabelito" 1959-02-25
7. Miguel Caló - "Una fija" 1951-07-31
8. Roberto Caló - "En fa menor" 1953
9. Juan Cambareri - "El llorón" 1950-11-22
10. Francisco Canaro - "Lorenzo" 1950-05-05

11. Ángel D'Agostino - "La sonámbula" 1954-01-26
12. Victor D'Amario - "La torcacita" 1951-10-15
13. Juan D'Arienzo - "Canaro en París" 1950-05-05
14. Alfredo De Angelis - "Nueve de julio" 1950-07-20
15. Julio De Caro - "El arranque" 1951-11-16
16. Eduardo Del Piano - "Chiqué" 1951-09-17
17. Mario Demarco - "Mal de amores" 1952-08-08
18. Lucio Demare - "Milonguero viejo" 1954
19. Carlos Demaria - "El Marne" 1951-11-19
20. Carlos Di Sarli - "Bahía Blanca (2nd version)" 1958-11-14

21. Edgardo Donato - "El huracán" 1952-11-04
22. Domingo Federico - "Leyenda gaucha" 1952-11-24
23. Enrique Francini, Armando Pontier - "Derecho viejo" 1953-10-23
24. Osvaldo Fresedo - "Prepárense" 1950-05-31
25. Alfredo J. Gobbi - "El andariego" 1951-06-27
26. Raúl Kaplún - "Estaño" 1950 
27. Francisco Lauro - "El estribo" 1953-09-09
28. Pedro Laurenz - "Amurado" 1952-09-25
29. Los Astros del Tango - "Sans souci" 1959-09-12
30. Osmar Maderna - "Inspiración" 1950-02-02

31. Alberto Mancione - "Ventarrón" 1950-07-28
32. Enrique Mora - "La payanca" 1951-10-01
33. Ricardo Pedevilla - "El amanecer" 1950-11-28
34. Adolfo Pérez - "Yapeyú" 1951-06-12
35. Astor Piazzolla - "Triste" 1950-12-29
36. Juan Polito - "El internado" 1952-10-10
37. Armando Pontier - "La cachila" 1956-08-15
38. Osvaldo Pugliese - "Seguime si podés" 1953-10-06
39. Francisco Rotundo - "Mariposita" 1950-08-18
40. José Sala - "Recuerdo" 1953-12-29

41. Fulvio Salamanca - "Chiqué" 1957-05-31
42. Horacio Salgán - "Mi refugio" 1950-06-21
43. Juan Sánchez Gorio - "El caburé" 1956-01-20
44. Florindo Sassone - "La trilla" 1951-06-22
45. Atilio Stampone - "La rayuela" 1958-06-12
46. Ricardo Tanturi - "El pollito" 1959-12-09
47. Aníbal Troilo - "Quejas de bandoneón" 1958-12-16
48. Héctor Varela - "Mi dolor" 1953-06-16


  1. I'm a dancer living in Buenos Aires. I have been studying Osvaldo Natucci's 1000 Tangos Para Bailar tango collection for 6 years. Unfortunately the collection doesn't have information about recording dates. I am interested in learning which recordings from the 50s are played in the milongas. Are there more than a handful that are played frequently?

    1. Hello. I do not have this collection. If you can send me the track lists of these CD's I can surely identify most of the 50's songs from them for you.

      The most popular tangos from the 50's are from Di Sarli, D'Arienzo, and Pugliese. Also some De Angelis or Varela is played. I recommend checking out for example for the discographies. It will also help you to put some recording dates on the songs you might have.