Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Osvaldo Pugliese - Instrumentals - Spotify Playlist

To celebrate Christmas and the new blog I have compiled a Spotify playlist of instrumental tangos from Osvaldo Pugliese (until early 1970's) in chronological order. I tried to select the best quality versions available on Spotify. The playlist is based on the list of Pugliese's recordings found on www.tango.info. Enjoy!


  1. Nice work.
    One Troilo tango has infiltrated the list!
    I'm wondering if "Orlando Gogni" shouldn't be listed as "Orlando Goñi".
    There are some repeats of listed works, e.g. Adios Nonino.
    It would be handy to sort in alphabetical order (which would easily reveal the repeats), and to list the recording year.

    1. Thank you for your comment! This playlist is based on the tango.info list of Pugliese's recordings. Some of the songs are mentioned twice on different recording dates (like Adios nonino 1961 and 1970) so that's why it was accidentally twice on the playlist as well. To my understanding there is only one version and it was recorded in 1961 so I have removed the double copy of Adios Nonino from the playlist. The Troilo is gone also.

      For now I'd redirect the readers to https://tango.info/performances/OsvalPugli/voc.- to study the recording dates. Maybe later I can write my own list for TVM. Unfortunately Spotify doesn't support recording date tags.